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Brian StaffaCannabis Operations Expert / Keynote Speaker

data is power.

If you measure it, you can improve upon it. Brian has a passion for standardizing complex operations using systems and data analysis.

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While many cannabis professionals will tell you they’re surprised to find themselves in the cannabis industry, Brian’s involvement is no accident. The entrepreneurial fire that sparked several non-cannabis related companies has created opportunities with everything from corporate grows to tech startups to private equity funds. Splitting time between NJ and CO, Brian lives with his wife and 2 trouble-maker senior dogs, and serves as Chief Operator of BSC Group.

Experience gained while leading cannabis conglomerate Palliatech through the build out and licensing phases of their vertically-integrated flagship facility in NJ, served as a catalyst, allowing Brian to perfect process operations from blueprint to sale.

Since early 2016, Brian has traveled across North America (and recently Africa & Europe) to consult for cannabis cultivators, cannabis processors, manufacturers, and dispensaries, private equity investors and investment funds, and ancillaries like enterprise seed-to-sale software companies, insurance firms, and law firms.

With each trip comes new relationships, new operational strategies, new opportunities, evolving regulations, unique data analysis, innovative facility designs, and more. He has been fortunate enough to tour facilities and consult for one of the largest retail dispensaries in the US, the largest cultivator and processor in Canada, the largest license holder in the US and dozens of others in AR, AK, CO, NV, NJ, NY, CT, ME, IL, MI, NM, DC, WA, AZ, MA, MD, PA, OH, MN, RI, WV & OR.

Brian’s most recent projects have formalized under BSC Group, which was an exciting, natural progression from consulting independently under his own name. This enabled him to collaborate with other respected industry professionals and extend additional resources. The group focuses on pioneering systems of maximal efficiency in the cannabis industry, with the ultimate goal of reaching the lowest production cost possible within an optimized, well-scaled operation.

Keynote Presentations

Sea of Green: Cutting Costs and Planning for Scale

Whether you’re in a state with a mature market or you’re in a new market whose regulations favor large-scale production companies, cannabis is becoming more and more of a...

Cultivation & Processing: Getting Your Facility Started

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Cultivation & Processing: Getting Your Facility Started

If you’re looking for an insider’s perspective on what makes a successful cultivation facility, this session is for you. We talk about decisions made prior to opening a facility: plant...