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Brian Staffa is a practiced cannabis industry executive operator, devoted to lean efficiency in scaled, controlled environments.  His unique footprint can be seen & felt inside dozens of operations, including many of North America’s largest and most competitive commercial ops to date.  Brian maintains a successful track record of strategically positioning lean companies and optimizing operations for long-term profitability, and his results show it:

  • Turned a $400,000/month operational loss into a
    $200,000/month operational profit in 8 months without adding capital expenditures.
  • Increased revenue by 35% in 1 year at a publicly traded MSO
  • Reduced cultivation production costs 70%; from $1,100/lb to $327/lb
  • Increased cultivation yield 67%; from 44 grams/SF to 77 grams/SF consistently with no capital expenditures.
  • Increased extraction output by 600%; from 2 liters of distillate/month to 12 liters/month.
  • Increased vape output by 775%; from 8,000 cartridges/month to 70,000 cartridges/month.
  • Improved cultivation testing pass rates 200%; from 31% pass rate to 91% pass rate.
  • Pre-sold 50% of all flower grown in a 40,000 SF facility by securing supply agreements.
  • Reduced a construction budget for a climate-controlled greenhouse by 5.8MM or 29% by reducing complexity and simplifying designs.
  • Designed & built 177,000 SF cultivation & manufacturing facility from concept to harvest in 13 months at a cost of $170/SF.

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Operations / Facility Audit
Brian’s comprehensive 98-point on-site operations audit provides clear, comprehensive insight into the core of an operation and the building itself. It exposes its current and future strengths and weaknesses, and provides a report with actionable information and strategy so that options can be considered to steer the operation toward its desired potential.
Improvement & Expansion
Brian’s operational expertise makes him an ideal resource for those looking to grow and expand their operations, or troubleshoot and reorganize to solve systemic and/or operational issues that are stifling growth or profitability.
Operational Dev for New Businesses
Enabling access to high level executive leadership and operational strategy for new or expanding cannabis operators. Click for details.
Owner's Rep
Providing strategic leadership and crucial oversight between executive teams and general contractors / vendors to ensure the profitability of new cannabis builds and expansion projects. Click for details.
Operations Consulting
Hourly or packaged arrangement designed to accommodate short term operational consulting needs, advisory relationships, undetermined scopes, or long term sporadic needs. Click for details.

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