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With thirteen years experience in the cannabis industry, Brian is a highly sought after executive operator, thought leader, and consultant to plant-touching and ancillary companies throughout the US, Canada and internationally. Brian is frequently called on by investors to turnaround struggling and inefficient operations, whether to prepare for sale or to achieve profitability. He also serves as a Fractional COO for new operations and established operators going through transitions or rapid growth phases.

Brian transitioned to regulated cannabis in 2014 as employee #4 at CuraLeaf and led the cannabis conglomerate through the build out and licensing phases of their vertically-integrated flagship facility in NJ. He began consulting independently in 2016 and as projects grew, he expanded the firm, and founded BSC Group with his partner Amber in 2017. BSC Group focused on winning cannabis licenses and managing scaled cannabis operations and was sold in October 2018 to publicly-traded MariMed Inc (OTC:MRMD). As VP of Operations at MariMed, Brian increased revenue 35% in one year.

Since moving on from MariMed and BSC, Brian worked as the COO to turn around a large Las Vegas based operation, achieving a $6MM profit delta in less than a year, bringing the struggling company from $-4.2MM to $+2.2MM, while working in parallel to build out a 50,000 sq ft greenhouse. Current projects include the expansion and renovation of a Schedule 1 DEA approved cannabis research facility to produce under cGMP standards. He has consulted internationally and in 31 uniquely regulated states across the US.

Brian lives and breathes operations, and is known for his ability to execute on a conceptual vision and follow through persistently to guarantee profitability. With a focus on scalable, easy-to-teach systems, Brian’s operations adhere to meticulous standards and exceed regulatory mandates. Brian thrives managing complex cultivation, manufacturing and retail operations simultaneously across multiple unique regulatory environments. He possesses a humility and appetite for knowledge that makes him an approachable, dynamic professional and charismatic leader.

In addition to designing and redesigning ops, you’ll also see Brian speaking at symposiums, conferences, universities and investor meetings throughout the country and abroad about operational turnarounds, industry trends, change indicators in cannabis, hiring, and all facets of operations.

Summary of Executive / Operational Expertise

Brian has a diverse range of executive and operational expertise, most of which centers around his ability to simultaneously see an operation at its most micro and macro levels of function.

Foundational Planning & Structuring
  • Business model formation
  • Pro forma / Financial modeling
  • Operational design & set up
  • Stamped Facility design that integrates with Operational design & Business model
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Design and implement risk mitigation strategies & PPE protocols
  • Employee sourcing, interviewing, hiring and training
  • Design organizational charts, pay scales, bonus structures
  • Executive training for non-cannabis executives and owners
  • Negotiate vendor agreements
  • Negotiate pre-purchase agreements
  • Present to board of directors / investors / potential investors / townships & municipalities
  • Lead regulators through compliance audits
Solving for Operational Underperformance / Maximizing profitability
  • Facility audit / Due diligence
  • Operational audit / Reduce operational costs and waste
  • Process Engineering
  • Increase gross profit and marginal profit
  • Reduce motion & Increase flow efficiency
  • Establish / Reset KPIs
  • Labor assessment / analysis, reduce overhead, restructure workforce
  • Maximize supply chain flow
  • Reduce employee turnover, improve safety & morale, minimize injuries & time off the job
  • Investigate and reduce leakage
  • Prepare facility for sale and acquisition / Increase the exit value
  • Increase yield per sqft/sqm & total annual yield
  • Increase THC percentage
  • Increase overall cannabinoid content
  • Increase cannabinoid variety
  • Reduce failure rate / improve testing pass rate
  • Install remediation systems and implement remediation processes
  • Increase clone success rate
  • Increase canopy without moving walls or redesigning the facility
  • Reduce waste & product loss / improve quality control
  • Reduce cash turnaround time
  • Install automated packaging lines
  • Improve dry times and product quality
  • Eliminate stock outs at retail partners / maintain inventory
  • Create/design production calendar customized to your facility and state regulations, highlight releasing new cultivars every x weeks
  • Cost auditing – determine the true cost of production for one pound of flower
  • Design & Implement production lines for vapes, prerolls, gummies, chocolates & tablets
  • Design & Implement distillate production line
  • Reduce cost per unit of production
  • Reduce failure rate / Improve testing pass rate
  • Increase unit output by product category or product SKU
  • Eliminate stockouts at retail partners / maintain inventory
  • Reduce waste & product loss / Improve quality control
  • Reduce cash turnaround time
  • Increase extraction efficiency for CO2, Ethanol or Hydrocarbon
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Create/design production calendar customized to your facility, brands and state regulations
  • Cost auditing – determine the true cost of production for one unit (distillate, extract or MIP)
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