Scopes of Engagement

1 Operations Audit

Brian’s 98-point on-site operations audit provides clear, comprehensive insight into the core of an operation and the building itself. It exposes its current and future strengths and weaknesses, and provides a report with actionable information and strategy so that options can be considered to steer the operation toward its desired potential.

An Audit is ideal for:

  • Those looking to fine tune their operation or make improvements to achieve, regain, or increase profitability
  • Executives or investors dissatisfied with operational performance who need to understand at a detailed level what is going wrong in their facilities and what the expense and scope of a full turnaround would be
  • Those with persistent operational pitfalls of which no one can seem to site an accurate cause
  • Investors shopping for portfolio companies who want an experienced cannabis executive to highlight strengths and weaknesses prior to making an offer
  • Financial institutions and/or Insurance companies needing to understand risks and benefits of funding or insuring a facility/operation
2 Improvement and Expansion

Brian’s operational expertise makes him an ideal resource for those looking to grow and expand their operations, or troubleshoot and reorganize to solve systemic and/or operational issues that are stifling growth or profitability.

Brian works with:

  • Operators who are operating inefficiently, struggling to maximize revenue, or missing targets / KPIs
  • Operators with:
    • low pass rates in testing / contamination issues
    • lower than desired yield / THC content
    • unnecessary equipment downtime
    • product inconsistency
    • unexplained equipment performance
    • consistently high employee turnover
  • Operators looking to increase yield and reduce labor and operational expenses
  • Operators undertaking growth projects such as:
    • putting in new vape production lines
    • adding automated equipment and processes
    • adding additional capacity without interrupting the existing operation
    • expanding product lines to capture additional market share
    • equipment upgrades such as lighting or multi-tiered racking to increase production
    • expanding operations into new states
3 Operations Development for New Businesses

The choices made at foundational stages will determine the long term viability and profitability of a modern cannabis operation. Thoughtful integration of Business Plan, Operational Design, and Facility Design is crucial for setting your operation up to be flexible and optimized for growth. Brian helps new cannabis businesses establish financial and operational stability with the future challenges of price compression and market saturation in mind.

These foundational services are ideal for:

  • First time cannabis operators
  • Operators going into additional states or looking to upgrade their foundational planning for better performance
  • Investors looking to assign an experienced operator to a new operation to insure and protect their investment
4 owners rep

Providing strategic leadership and crucial oversight between executive teams and general contractors / vendors to ensure the profitability of new cannabis builds and expansion projects.

Owner’s Rep Services are ideal for:

  • Investors who have not had their expectations met, and are ready to onboard an operational leader to caretake and manage their investment
  • Underperforming operators needing to upgrade their facility and processes
  • New licensees / First timers who have not previously built out a cannabis operation
  • Expanding operators with a great operating team but need leadership to map out the path to growth
  • Expanding operators with a a current team that is already maxed out or inexperienced in design/build and/or can’t take on the additional demands created by an added project
  • Investors looking to flip their operations / prepare for an exit
Cannabis Operations Consultant

Hourly or packaged arrangement designed to accommodate short term operational consulting needs, advisory relationships, undetermined scopes, or long term sporadic needs.

When discussing your project with Brian, the details, budget, timeline, and nature of your needs will inform a mutual decision about how best to engage and move forward.

Explore Brian’s capabilities below

Summary of Executive / Operational Expertise

As a seasoned Executive Operator with 13 years of cannabis experience across 31 states and Canada, Brian has a diverse range of executive and operational expertise, most of which centers around his ability to simultaneously see an operation at its most micro and macro levels of function.

Foundational Planning & Structuring
  • Business model formation
  • Pro forma / Financial modeling
  • Operational design & set up
  • Stamped Facility design that integrates with Operational design & Business model
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Design and implement risk mitigation strategies & PPE protocols
  • Employee sourcing, interviewing, hiring and training
  • Design organizational charts, pay scales, bonus structures
  • Executive training for non-cannabis executives and owners
  • Negotiate vendor agreements
  • Negotiate pre-purchase agreements
  • Present to board of directors / investors / potential investors / townships & municipalities
  • Lead regulators through compliance audits
Solving for Operational Underperformance / Maximizing profitability
  • Facility audit / Due diligence
  • Operational audit / Reduce operational costs and waste
  • Process Engineering
  • Increase gross profit and marginal profit
  • Reduce motion & Increase flow efficiency
  • Establish / Reset KPIs
  • Labor assessment / analysis, reduce overhead, restructure workforce
  • Maximize supply chain flow
  • Reduce employee turnover, improve safety & morale, minimize injuries & time off the job
  • Investigate and reduce leakage
  • Prepare facility for sale and acquisition / Increase the exit value
  • Increase yield per sqft/sqm & total annual yield
  • Increase THC percentage
  • Increase overall cannabinoid content
  • Increase cannabinoid variety
  • Reduce failure rate / improve testing pass rate
  • Install remediation systems and implement remediation processes
  • Increase clone success rate
  • Increase canopy without moving walls or redesigning the facility
  • Reduce waste & product loss / improve quality control
  • Reduce cash turnaround time
  • Install automated packaging lines
  • Improve dry times and product quality
  • Eliminate stock outs at retail partners / maintain inventory
  • Create/design production calendar customized to your facility and state regulations, highlight releasing new cultivars every x weeks
  • Cost auditing – determine the true cost of production for one pound of flower
  • Design & Implement production lines for vapes, prerolls, gummies, chocolates & tablets
  • Design & Implement distillate production line
  • Reduce cost per unit of production
  • Reduce failure rate / Improve testing pass rate
  • Increase unit output by product category or product SKU
  • Eliminate stockouts at retail partners / maintain inventory
  • Reduce waste & product loss / Improve quality control
  • Reduce cash turnaround time
  • Increase extraction efficiency for CO2, Ethanol or Hydrocarbon
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Create/design production calendar customized to your facility, brands and state regulations
  • Cost auditing – determine the true cost of production for one unit (distillate, extract or MIP)
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